What's New In DS 5.4, Part II

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What's New In DS 5.4, Part II

Postby droid scan dev » Thu Jun 28, 2012 6:05 pm

Box OneCloud integration (viewtopic.php?f=4&t=313) is the big new feature in Droid Scan 5.4, but it was part of a theme: efficient workflow. Here is a rundown of another new feature we cooked up with the same goal of making it faster and more efficient to get things done: Long press shortcuts.

A primary design goal of Droid Scan has always been to let the user do things in their own way. Thus you can import, capture, and share with the apps you prefer. We like to have options and we think our users do, too.

After a period of exploration, however, many users find a favorite way of completing common tasks and they would like to do that with the fewest steps possible.

To support both types of users, Droid Scan 5.4 introduces long press shortcuts.

Let's illustrate this with Import. If you use the built-in Android Gallery app as your source of imported images 90% of the time, selecting the Gallery from other sources is an extra step that you would probably rather not take. With long press shortcuts you can skip it: just long-press the Import button (hold it down until you receive vibrate feedback), and you'll go straight to the Android Gallery (assuming that is the source you selected the last time you made an explicit choice).

The same pattern applies to these other actions in Droid Scan: Import, Capture, Convert, Share JPEG, Share PDF, Export to SD Card, Remove. In each case except Remove, a choice from the last time the the feature was used will have been remembered for you and will be chosen automatically. In Remove, the meaning of long press is slightly different: it intensifies whatever delete mode is currently set, so that in normal mode, expunge is turned on for this time only, and in expunge mode, the confirm dialog is skipped completely (so use this feature wisely).

Because we test a lot, we are Droid Scan power users here at Trans-code, and this subtle feature is one we like a lot. If you are also a power user, it's strongly recommended to give it a try.
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