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Naming scans

Postby droid scan dev » Wed Jun 29, 2011 1:01 pm


Hello, could you please tell me how I can name the files I'm scanning?


Each PDF created by Droid Scan is saved on the SD card in the "Droid Scan Extras" folder. Droid Scan gives the scan a unique name automatically, based on the date and time when it is created.

There are three ways to give a scan a custom name:

1. In the process of sharing the scan, you will typically be given a chance to give it a new name (ie with Google Docs Upload, Evernote,, and so on).

2. The new Export to SD card feature in Droid Scan 4.3 allows you to choose a name.

3. You can also open the "Droid Scan Extras" folder with a file manager or a PDF viewer and rename files freely. A variety of free PDF viewers and file managers that support this function are available in the Android Market.
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