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Postby droid scan dev » Sun Dec 19, 2010 1:20 pm


I work with sensitive documents and I need to know exactly how information is managed by Droid Scan. What privacy issues do I need to be concerned about when using Droid Scan?

A: [ Part I: network communication ]

There are exactly two cases where information can be shared over the Internet without the user initiating it:

1. Droid Scan needs to send a crash report. You will be asked whether or not you want to do this.

2. Droid Scan sends anonymous usage statistics to Google Analytics. These stats are used by the developers to understand what apps, and what specific activities in a given app, are used most frequently. It would be a violation of the Google Analytics terms of service to send any data using this method that identifies, or could be used to identify, a particular user or reveals any of their data, and of course we do not do that.

In every other case where data is shared over the Internet, it is because the user specifically requested to do that using the "Share JPEG" or "Share PDF" feature in the scan gallery. In such a case the scan is shared with the destination server or app that the user selects, and only with that server or app. This will happen when, for example, you use the Google Docs or Evernote web service to perform optical character recognition.

A: [ Part II: local storage ]

1. The JPEG files created by Droid Scan are stored on the SD card in the "Droid Scan" folder. You can delete or expunge these files from within Droid Scan.

2. The PDF files created by Droid Scan are stored in the "Droid Scan Extras" folder. Droid Scan manages the overall size of this folder but it does not delete individual documents on request. If you are concerned that a sensitive document might be stored in this folder, it is safe to delete all of the files (using any file manager, or by connecting the device to your PC).

3. Since the JPEG files created by Droid Scan, and the original captures as well, are also managed by the Android Gallery app, that app can retain some information about captures and scans even after the JPEG files are deleted (thumb nail images and metadata). You can clean up this information by using the "Scan SD card" feature in Droid Scan's built-in help.
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