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What are Projects?

Postby droid scan dev » Wed May 09, 2012 7:46 pm


I have been using Droid Scan since version 4, and it's great! But Droid Scan 5 has something new called "Projects," and this I don't quite get. Help please.


Projects were introduced in DS 5 to support the many users who asked for a way to organize scans that they need to keep around for a long time.

The project metaphor is very lightweight, and can be used as much or as little as you like. If you like to use this type of organization, here are the basics:

1. If you don't do anything, all scans are stored in a default project called "New project."
2. To create a new one, select some scans and use the Move action, which will move them into a newly created project.
3. You can rename this new project by long pressing on it from the Projects screen.
4. You can also rename the default project; it's just a name.
5. Within a project, you can reorder scans by selecting them in the desired order and using the Reorder action.
6. The quickest way to get a new capture or import into the right project is to be in that project when you initiate the capture or import (from the menu button).

And from the other direction, if you want a very simple organization without structure:

1. If you don't move scans they will all be stored in the default project.
2. There are two "virtual" projects named By date and By type that present the scans in a style very close to Droid Scan 4.
3. You can also archive scans (by deleting them with expunge mode turned off) in order to focus on just the task you are doing right now. Archived scans can be restored later from the context help screen.
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