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Droid Scan Lite Open Beta

Postby droid scan dev » Fri Nov 18, 2011 9:44 pm


I see a new version of Droid Scan in the Android Market called "Open Beta." What is different about it?


Droid Scan Lite Open Beta is similar to Droid Scan Lite, but it is updated more frequently with minor changes that are likely to affect only a small number of users with particular devices or versions of Android. It was recently published during the roll-out of Droid Scan 5, because the new tech behind Droid Scan 5 has some features that are device-sensitive. DS Lite Open Beta allows us to make changes aimed at particular devices without making frequent updates to the mainstream, stable versions of Droid Scan.

If you experience an issue with Droid Scan Lite or Droid Scan Pro, we encourage you to try DS Lite Open Beta. It's likely that another user has already reported the issue, and a fix is being tested in DS Lite Open Beta.

DS Lite Open Beta is designed to install side-by-side with other versions of Droid Scan. Even better, if you bought the Pro version, DS Lite Open Beta will in most cases "inherit" pro features from the pro version installed on your device.
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