Droid Scan 2 available in Market

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Droid Scan 2 available in Market

Postby droid scan dev » Wed May 05, 2010 8:29 pm

Turn your smart mobile device into a portable document scanner. Use image processing and "perspecti-crop" to convert photos into high quality scans.

Record white boards, maps, posters, flyers, and other documents.

Make reliable digital copies of receipts and business cards.

Save scans as JPEG images or Adobe PDF files. Share scans:

* via USB cable or SD card;
* via Bluetooth;
* by uploading them to a Picasa account;
* by emailing them to coworkers;
* by emailing them to subscription document services;
* by emailing them to subscription Fax services;
* by text messaging.

Droid Scan 2 is available now in the Android Market. Droid Scan 2 includes all the features requested by users of Droid Scan, including automatic edge detection, PDF support, and image enhancement, in a free upgrade to purchasers of Droid Scan.
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