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Droid Scan 5.7 Updates

PostPosted: Fri Oct 26, 2012 10:44 am
by droid scan dev
Droid Scan 5.7 was a major release with new features and we are or will be releasing minor updates to address a few issues that were not noticed until after the new version went live. Thanks for your understanding.

Issue #1:
The Share PDF feature was showing some apps that are not compatible with the PDF file type.

This issue applies to Droid Scan Pro users only. To resolve the issue, update to Droid Scan 5.7.1 or newer.

Issue #2:
This issue affects only Japanese-speaking users. Because of an error in translation, the "Move scan to a different project" feature is not working, instead this button acts as a second delete button.

To resolve this issue, update to Droid Scan 5.7.2 or newer.

Issue #3:
Minor bug round up. A few miscellaneous bugs reported against Droid Scan 5.7.2 have been patched and released as Droid Scan Lite Open Beta 5.7.3.

To resolve any of these issues, update to Droid Scan 5.7.3 or newer.